"Dear Sean,

There are few purchases in life bigger than buying a home. Maybe an engagement ring carries as much significance and consideration? I’m not sure. I’m only trying to stress the importance of it and it why I sincerely appreciated your respect and most importantly, your patience when it came to guiding Cecilia and I through our home purchase. We told you from the very beginning what we were looking for. You noted from the start that it would not be easy to come by, but that you would keep an eye open for us. Not many people can keep their eyes open for two years!! Though we came close numerous times, a few that seemed perfect only to be saddled with 20’ foot lots – lots that we spoke of early would not be wide enough – and you never pushed. Not once. Though it must have been frustrating, you never encouraged us to try and buy something we were not totally enamoured with. I really appreciated it. You respected our wishes and believed us when we told you we would be aggressive when we found a home that satisfied all or at least most of our wishes. There were countless visits to ‘almost’ homes and from a man who also makes his living via commission, I can sincerely appreciate your patience. I wish I could say I would have had the same.

I want to say thank you for putting our interest way ahead of yours and being diligent in a search for us. I look forward to speaking with you from time to time about real estate, motorcycles and life in general Sean. And of course, to sell our house when our new one is built.

I would recommend you to anybody I know that is interested in real estate.

I would also like to say thanks for setting up Gracie in a neighbourhood that her Dad grew up in. Nothing like a second generation Jackman student to mess things up!"


-Cecilia and Jim

"We love Sean Madgan as a person and as our real estate agent. We have done three successful deals with him and recommended him to family and friends. He is the best of the best"

-From Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman Reactions 

"In March 2017 we decided to downsize and sell both our family home and studio-condo. Our rather limited experience with real estate agents dated back 34 years and was not much to rave about.

Enter Sean Madigan, an award winning professional who came highly recommended by family. If ever there was someone to take “over-and-above” to an incredible level, it was him. He guided us smoothly through all the preparations, recommended stagers, movers and lawyers, discussed realistic expectations and if that wasn’t enough, rolled up his sleeves, painted our bathroom and helped move our considerable art inventory to a storage unit. Meanwhile he worked tirelessly to find us the right rental and succeeded on all fronts!

He is a man of tremendous energy, integrity, positive attitude, patience and invaluable experience in his field. And both sales exceeded our expectations"

-From Thera and Rudolf Bikkers

 "My wife Sandy and myself worked with Sean for about a year to find our perfect house. Sean showed us at least a twenty homes over that period - some of them 2-3 times. He was always patient, respectful and insightful about what we liked and what didn’t work for us. We got to know Sean really well and truly enjoyed the experience with him. Never did we feel pressured to make a decision. And when we did decide that the house we now live in was ‘the one’ he aggressively put a great deal together. We wholeheartedly recommend Sean to all our friends. In fact we missed him after we moved into our new home"

-From Rick White

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